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How exactly to: Verified Dating Profiles making use of Bloom

How exactly to: Verified Dating Profiles making use of Bloom

Android Installation

Make fully sure your Android os project features a minSdkVersion of 16 or greater, otherwise including the collection will cause any project to fail to build.

Include the sharekit.aar library generate above by doing listed here in your Android os Studio task:

  1. Click File -> Brand New -> Brand New Module.
  2. Click Import .JAR/.AAR Package then click Then.
  3. Go into the location regarding the put together sharekit.aar file then click Finish.
  4. Then ensure that the sharekit library is added in your settings.gradle file for example. consist of ‘:app’, ‘:sharekit’
  5. In work build.gradle file put in a new line for the sharekit lib into the dependencies block for example. dependencies
  6. Finally click Sync venture with Gradle data for the task to sync because of the sharekit collection.

If the aforementioned actions are done effectively you then will be able to neat and reconstruct any project successfully as specified above in other terms. Develop -> Clean Venture & Develop -> Rebuild Project


To make use of RequestButton in assembling your project, do the immediate following:

  1. Import the ShareKit course into the Activity/Fragment;
  2. Then initialize the RequestButton, set the share-kit request information & callback-url and include it to your design view programmatically such as this:

That above that is token unique to your software. It is really not a token given by Bloom. You select your very own you to distinguish data sharing requests from multiple sources, or to ensure the data is being shared from your app, and not someone else’s as it’s a unique identifier for your app, allowing.

Keep in mind that for a unique Android os Studio task, the layout developed is supposed to be a layout that is constraint of a Linear design as shown above. Additionally please add an id to the design xml file before initializing it so that it appears the following: